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Haus Biele was built in the town of Hovestadt by Friedrich Karl Biele (the grand father of Caspar Biele) in 1770 originally for an agricultural business. In 1804, a distillery was established and later a Gasthaus or "guest house". The property passed through the family and remained private property through the 1990's.

After the restaurant was closed in 1995, the house was bought by the community of Lippetal. (Hovestadt is now part of Lippetal) The community used the house to lodge emigrants and asylum applicants.

A renovation of the House Biele into a social center was completed in the autumn of 2003. The citizen office of the Lippetal is now there. Bus tickets and train tickets can be bought and there are accommodations for the local societies and for the music and art.

The Lippetal link is:

Present day address is : Bahnhofstrasse 15, 59510 Lippetal, Germany

For the details in German, see the Story of Haus Biele.

A book on Haus Biele including its history, its renovation, and the Biele family member that lived there was writen and published by Elisabeth Frische on 2010. Information (in German) can be found at:


Still more details on Haus Biele and other historical information about Hovestadt can be found on a website created by Felix Bierhaus (in German)

Undated Postcard from Hovestadt. Top left is the interior and top right is the outside of Haus Biele. Bottom left is a bridge over the Lippe river and the botom right is St. St. Albertus Magnus church in Hovestadt

Back of Haus Biele postcard

Lobby of community center that now resides in Haus Biele

Photo in lobby of Haus Biele