Henry Biele

Born: 1819 in Germany / Prussia

Died: 1878 in Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota, USA

Spouse -Mary Catharina GrossBorn: 1825 in Germany / Prussia

Died: May 5, 1894 in Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota, USA

Henry emigrated from Germany and settled in St. Louis where he married Mary Catharina, from Germany on February 29, 1848 in St. Louis..

The first two children were born in 1852 and 1853 in Missouri. The remaining children starting in 1856 were born in Minnesota according to the census record on 1870. There is a Henry Biele listed in the Civil War draft records who lived in St. Louis in 1863. It is unclear whether this is the same Henry or not.

They had six children - Johann (John), Frederich (Fred), Alwine, Emielia (Emily), and Heinrich (Henry) Jr, and August. All born in Missouri.

In the 1880 census, the family is joined by Ernstine, wife of Johann, and their daughter Emilie. August is no longer listed and presumably died.

The summary of the children is as follows:

Name Dates Place Born Spouse Dates

Henrietta 1852 - ? Missouri

Johanna 1853 - 1928 Missouri Emil Krueger 1848 - ?

Lizzie 1856 - ? Minnesota

Helena 1861 - 1933 Minnesota

Louis 1861 - ? Minnesota Winifred O'Rourke

The Find-A-Grave note for Henry has the following in formation:

Birth: 1819

Death: 1875

Note: Buried plot near Maria Catherine, and Henry Biele, and Henrietta Biele von Linden

Burial:Fairview Cemetery Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota, USA