Charles F. Biele

Pat # 289,606

Dec. 4, 1883

"Ornamental molding for show-cases and other articles"

Charles F. Biele

Pat # 562,701

June 23, 1896

"an improved show-case that can be folded up, whereby they can be conveniently packed for shipping"

Charles F. Biele

Pat # 606,911

July 5, 1898

"an improved show-case of that class in which the front or side, end, and top glass are held together by metallic corner pieces, so that a very strong and durable show-case is obtained"

Charles F. Biele

Pat # 615,788

December 13, 1898

"improvement in that class of show-cases known as "all-glass" show-cases in which the wooden or metal frame for holding the front, side, and top plates is entirely dispensed with"

Carl F. Biele

Pat # 677,625

July 2, 1901

"an improved door-knob which comprises an outer recessed false knob and an inner movable auxiliary knob"

Carl F. Biele

Pat # 1,458,025

June 5, 1923

"a jamb unit adjustable with facility and composed of elements embodying strength and simplicity"