Biele Records Summary

I have collected a great many records on the various Biele families and their members along with other Biele related items. I have posted only a faction of them here. Many are found across the web. If you ever have a question or want to see if I have something you can not find elsewhere, please feel free to contact me.

Recommended sites for Biele information: - extensive collection of genealogy inforamation. Some is free, though most requires a subscription

Family. My profile on the site is "kbiele" - Free genealogy site sponsored by LDS. Some information is liked to Ancestry,com. Start your own tree or search the records. - Free genealogy site with vitals, connections, and grave pictures. Enter full name or just the last name to find people. Lots of Bieles listed along with related family members.

Selected items parts of my collection:

Obituaries - A compilation of Biele related obituaries I have found on the web. (Needs updating)

Social Security Records - My compilation and links to online sources

New York City Directories - ​This lists contains all of the persons or businesses with the surname Biele that I found reviewing the old directories of New York City. Included are all listings from Trow's City Directory for 1860 to 1931 and the Telephone Directory for 1901 to 1926. It does not include every year within these periods.

Ship Logs - This lists all of the ship passengers with the surname Biele listed in the ship logs that I reviewed. All were immigrants from Europe coming to the United States. The records come from many sources including the recently published Ellis Island records.