Charles F. Biele and Sons did work for the Rockefeller Family, the last at John D. Rockefeller Jr.'s apartment at 740 Park Avenue from 1937 to 1939.

The following documents are from the Rockefeller Archives. Thank you to Kenneth Rose.

1. Index of documents (PDF file)

2. Correspondence December 1937 (PDF file)

3. Correspondence October 1938 to December 1938 (PDF file)

4. Correspondence December 1938 to June 1939 (PDF file)

The work at 740 Park Avenue was overseen by the famous architectural firms of Mott B. Schmidt and Marc Eiditz.

In "740 Park" by Michael Gross there is a reference to the work on page 173:

"Parquet was ordered to match that floor, and velvet for inside the porcelain cabinets. In the midst of his micromanaging, Junior got truly manic about those cabinets. "We must insist on the velvet being in better condition," he wrote the contractor."