August Clemens Biele

August Clemens Biele is the son of Friedrich Karl Biele and brother of Friedrich Carl Biele.

From the church records of Sankt Stephanus in Oestinghausen

August Clemens Bernard Biele:

Godparents: August Clemens (I can not read the last name) and (I can not read the godmother's name)

Marriage: July 9, 1805 to Maria Theresia Verholtz

Again the marriage record is hard to read. My best translation is as follows:

Husband: August Clemens Bernardus Biele of Hovestadt, son of Friderici Biele and Theresia Volmer, married.

Wife: Theresia Vernholtz, daughter of Francisci Vernholtz and Getrudis Brinkhoff, married in Westernkotten.

(There is a reference to Erwitte in the record, but I not not understand it)

I have a second record of the marriage of August and Theresia from the Sankt Laurentius church in Erwitte. It may have been that they were married in Erwitte, but the record was also recorded in Oestinghausen since that was the church of the Biele family. My best translation of the record in Erwitte is as follows:

August Clemens Bernard Biele of Hovestadt son of Frid. (last name is not given since it is the same as the husband) and Theresia Volmer married Theresia Vernholtz of Westernkotten, daughter of Franc. and Gertrudis Brinkhoff. (There looks to be other names and a reference to Erwitte).