Antonio Biele

Antonio (later Anthony) emigrated from Italy and settled in New York City, first in Manhattan and later the Bronx. Data on him and his family members are sprinkled throughout the Biele Records section. He is the brother of Saverio Biele.

The first record of Antonio is a 1902 marriage record. He was married to Domiana Simeone on Feb 9, 1902 in Manhattan. His father is listed as Luigi Biele and his monther as Saveria (writing not decipherable). The bride's parents are Francesco Simeone and Vittoran Capositol.

Antonio next appears in the 1910 census. He is listed as Anthony and is 28 years old and his wife Domiana 24. They are listed as married for 9 years and both coming from Italy in 1899. They are living at 318 E109th Street in Manhattan in a multifamily building of recent Italian immigrants. Anthony's occupation is a street sweeper. (Note the similarities to his brother's address, the year they were married, occupation and the year they came to the US). They live with five children and her mother. I can not read the names of the children. They are all listed as daughters, all were born in New York and their ages are 7, 5, 4, 3, and 2. Dominana is listed as having had 6 children with 5 still living. The mother's age is 58 and she is listed as emigrating in 1899 as well.

The next listing is the 1930 US Census . Anthony is 49 and Domiana, now listed as Diana, is 42. They are listed as being married at the ages of 22 and 15. The year of immigration is now listed as 1900. They are living at 3956 Paulding Avenue in the Bronx and are paying $65 in rent monthly. Twelve children are now listed along with the mother-in-law, now 78. The children are Louise (25), Louis (22), Arthur (19), Albert (18), Eugina (16), Frank (15), Florence (14), Anna (12), Theodore (10), Fannie (9), Samuel (8), Jeanette (6). Anthony is not working, Louise is a dress maker at a ladies wear company, Louis a chauffeur for a printing business, Arthur a helper at a restaurant, and Albert a helper at a tailor.


There is more data from the records and from family members to be added later.