Adolphus Biele

Born: Date unknown in Germany

Died: 1856 in Franklin county, Missouri

Spouse: Marie Louisa Brune

Birth: Nov. 6, 1823, Horste, Germany

Death: Jun. 28, 1889, New Haven, Franklin County, Missouri, USA

Adolphus ( or Adolph) emigrated from Germany and settled in rural Missouri.

Adolph was married in 1846 in Franklin county Missouri to Marie Brune. He is listed on several records as having come from Germany. (I have yet to determine where in Germany.) Adolph had at least two children, sons - Henry and August.

Adolph reportedly died in 1856 (another source says 1854). An ancestor in Missouri writes "My Aunt Laura remembers hearing that Adolph and his brother (whose name is unknown to me) both died of a very contagious disease and had to be buried very quickly in a remote corner of the farm. The disease was most likely cholera. There are recorded outbreaks in nearby Hermann, Missouri in 1849 and 1854."

In the 1860 census, Henry (age 13) and August (10) are listed as living with Fritz Brune (39) and his family. Presumably, this is a brother or other relative of Adolph's wife.

In the 1870 census, there are two records, one in Union township of Franklin county Missouri and another in Boeuf township of Franklin county Missouri. Four people are listed Henry (23), Amele (18), August (21), and Louise (49). (Amele is likely Henry's wife, though the census data did not distinguish it or the relation of Louise.)

A summary of the children is as follows:

The summary of the children is as follows:

Name Dates Spouse Dates

Henry 1846 - 1941 Lena Bucher 1856 - 1940

August 1848 - 1922 Lowine Kemper 1857 - 1939

A burial list for Senate Grove Cemetery in Franklin County has the following entries:

August Biele 1848-1922 (Adolph's son)

Louisa Biele 1823-1889 (Adolph's wife)

Lowine K Biele 1857-1939 (Adolph's daughter-in-law)

The listing at Find-A-Grave has the following note for Adolphus Biele:

Birth: unknown, Germany

Death: 1856, Franklin County, Missouri, USA

Adolph or Adolphus immigrated to America from Germany and settled in the Franklin county, Missouri area. Family history has his death as possibly being from the very contagious disease cholera. He and his brother were buried on the family farm in Franklin county, Missouri. Adolph and Marie Louise Brune, daughter of Peter Heinrich Brune and Anna Maria (Sirp) Brune, married June 28, 1846 in Franklin county. They had two sons Henry F. Biele and August Biele.

This listing at Find-A-Grave has the following note for Marie Louise Brune Biele

Birth: Nov. 6, 1823, Horste, Germany

Death: Jun. 28, 1889, New Haven, Franklin County, Missouri, USA

Marie "Louise" Brune was born in Horste, Prussia.

She immigrated to America with her family sometime before 1850. When the ship they sailed on docked in their new country, Louise was thrown to shore from the ship. The people on the shore were not able to catch her and she suffered a permanent hip injury.

On June 28, 1846, she married Adolph Biele. He and his brother died in 1854 from a very infectious disease, probaby cholera. After Adolph died, for some reason, she was not able to care for her two young boys. They were sent to live with Louise's brother and his wife, Fred and Charlotte Brune. She never remarried and she died in 1889.