Friedrich Karl Biele

Friedrich Karl Biele

Friedrich Karl Biele (listed in church records as Fridericus Biele) is the farthest I have traced my family tree. He established the family home in Hovestadt and built Haus Biele. He is the grandfather of Caspar Biele, the first Biele of my family to come to the United States.

From the church records of Sankt Stephanus in Oestinghausen

Children of Fridericus Biele and Theresia Volmer:

1. Maria Anna Theresia (baptized April 3, 1759)

2. Maria Josepha Margeratha (baptized April 30, 1762)

3. Anna Sophia (baptized October 25, 1764)

4. Carolus Fridericus (baptized May 23, 1768)

5. Maria Catherina Francisca (baptized October 3, 1770)

6. August Clemens Bernard (baptized August 31, 1773)

The listing of the names is not always the same. The parents are listed at various times as Fridericus Biele or Josephus Fridericus Biele and Theresia Volmer or Maria Theresia Volmer

Theresa Volmer Biele